Tell better stories
with your data

Provide your audience with an interactive data visualization experience that allows for improved exploration of the data you want to share

Interactive Data Visualization
graphs for the web

Consumers of your data need more than a picture. Advanced, interactive graphs allow for more information to be conveyed in the same space. Provide your audience with a way to explore more of the information you want to share.

Tell Stories with Data
Data Viz on iPad Data Viz on iPhone

Solutions that work
for the mobile web

Visualizations that adapt to devices and don't require plugins. Good designs built entirely with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript ensure graphs are still informative and interactive on any display, and can be integrated into your environment more easily.

Custom Articles for
reporting research

Showcase research by combining text with interactive visualizations to give your audience a more engaging experience.

Data Viz for Research

Graphs integrated
into your app

Add more value and mobile responsiveness to the data visualizations within your web applications.

Data Viz for Apps
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I'm a front-end web developer based in Portland, OR. I specialize in building interactive data visualizations for the web that allow for improved exploration of data. I can help provide your audience with the tools needed to get more out of the data you want to share. Some solutions I provide:

  • Articles that present research via a data story
  • Develop custom visualizations for your apps
  • Data visualizations for the mobile web
  • Create JavaScript chart libraries for your team
  • Training classes on D3.js


Graphla Data Visualization Tool

Free data visualization tool where you can explore data with an intuitive interface for creating graphs. It's a demo of the types of functionality I can integrate into your applications. The tool runs entirely in your browser, so any data you enter stays on your computer. No data is stored or even transmitted.

Graphla is built using Angular.js and D3.js

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